Implementing effective visual merchandising makes sure you maximise the opportunity to influence customer purchase decisions.

Your back bar and fridges are your shop window for your products and profits. Our merchandising standards have been developed with beverage brands supported by industry-leading research and insight from a cross-section of our customers. 

Merchandising is a combination of product display, visual sales messages, and point of sale and menus. 52% of customers have not chosen their drink brand by the time they reach your bar. The correct use of merchandising can lead to beverage choices that are more profitable for you, effective bar merchandising could lead to an increase in consumer spend per head by 9%.

It doesn’t only benefit you either. Visual Merchandising will help you utilise bar space and improve your customer's experience by making it easier for them to make decisions, especially when combined with menu engineering.

The team at St Alban’s Batchwood Hall followed our techniques when re-stocking their bars for their re-launch after a refurbishment and found an improvement in both layout and the opportunity to upsell, with customers being drawn to premium products. It’s all about incremental sales – encouraging your customers to trade up to a premium product through product placement and use of visible communication.

With over 90% of drinking choices made at the bar or table, there is great opportunity to guide a decision. That said our merchandising standards aren’t set in stone. We know every bar and customer is different and our account managers can work with you to find the right solution, making the most of your hotspots and ensuring your products are in the key line of sight.

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