We believe that working ethically, safely and in an environmentally conscious way makes a tangible difference to our customers and staff.

Gender Pay Gap

For information on our 2020 Gender Pay Gap please see the attached report.

Customers and the marketplace

We fully comply with the Bribery Act. We take a zero-tolerance position on unethical behaviour and complying with our ethical trading policy, we work with our suppliers to ensure the products we bring to market are ethically sourced and sustainable.


We are fully registered and compliant with all the government agencies regarding carbon emissions, waste and environment - we are a low-risk polluter and low carbon output business. We manage our deliveries using route optimisation software and are continually upgrading our fleet of HGV vehicles using efficient engines to deliver low emissions.

As part of Matthew Clark's commitment to protecting the environment and fulfilling our legal obligations please visit the Recycle Now website where you can find information on;

  • Where packaging can be taken to be recycled
  • What role you can take in recycling
  • The meaning of labels on packaging

For householders, the simplest means of finding out what recycling collections are available in your area is by visiting this website. This website includes a postcode finder to allow you to locate recycling opportunities where you live and also detail on how and why materials are recycled.


Our ethos is simple, that our employees should work in a safe and healthy workplace. We are proud to be fully accredited to the OHSAS 18001 standard (The International Standard for Health and Safety Management).


Our teams across the country support a number of local and national charities (chosen by our employees) and we support them by matching their contributions. We are very conscious of the communities that live around us and so we work closely with our landlords and local authorities to minimise our impact on the surrounding communities.

Social Impact

All companies working in the alcoholic drinks industry should take into account the impact that the products that they sell may have on individuals and society at large. We clearly understand our responsibilities towards alcohol consumption and are fully committed to retailing and promoting alcohol in a socially responsible way.

What to do next?