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Mothers and Champagne lovers

Mothers Day Champagne Al Fresco

A quick google search on Mother’s Day in the UK brings back some eye-opening stats that anyone in the On-Trade simply can’t ignore. Mother’s Day is fast approaching (26th March 2017) and as a new mother and Champagne lover, I simply feel I must comment.

“More than half of UK families 64% head to the Pub for Mother’s Day. Not surprising as the majority of mums over 35 think that a family meal out is the perfect gift, the Carlsberg Consumer Insight report claims.”

“Worldpay’s analysis of 2014 spending across the UK hospitality industry shows restaurant owners and pub landlords saw their takings on Mother’s Day rise by more than 50% compared to average. By contrast, spending on romantic meals on Valentine’s Day caused spending to spike by a more modest 20%.” That’s over double the growth, on what is actually the biggest Sunday of the year for the Hospitality industry.

Without a doubt the drink that says ‘I love you’ or ‘thank you’ best is Champagne. We also know that 35+ year-olds are biggest consumers of Champagne with 45-54 year-olds making up the largest percentage for Rose and Brut. This age group of 35+ are also the age group to either have children themselves or be treating their own parents, and their perfect gift is a meal out with the family. Win win win!

Champagne buyers by age grouping

By Kantar Worldpanel 52wk 28/02/16


So let’s prepare ourselves, here are my top tips on reaping the rewards in outlet:

Save people's time

Lives are hectic and often like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day can be a last-minute dash to the supermarket or petrol station to pick up an inconsequential gift. Advertise a Mother’s Day offering in good time, use your website or printed POS to ensure that dads don’t have to go searching for that perfect gift from the family. At Matthew Clark, we can design and print bespoke posters, or table talkers to promote this key trading time of the year.

Offers, set menus, spa breaks, are all easy things to mention for eye-grabbing relevant marketing to remind and get those bookings in.


Being treated to a glass of Champagne is not a common occurrence for most. That is why it’s a treat, and why consumers will go for it if offered on a celebratory occasion. They can’t order what isn’t there. Offer your Champagne by the glass as well as bottle, its margin making for you, and easier on the pocket for them.

Make sure it’s the perfect serve and where possible add theatre, by way of gorgeous stemware, ice buckets, pour from magnum in front of them, or carry from bar to table through the venue on a tray, making everyone else want one.

Why not indulge in easy Champagne cocktails for that weekend only? Cocktails are on-trend, desirable and can help you get through that open bottle. Great examples are a Classic Champagne Cocktail, French 75 or Sacre Sauvage.

Save families money

Hide the cost of Champagne in a ‘package.’ This makes it more palatable to buy, and it’s easier for your staff to make that add sell, For example ‘two courses and a glass of Champagne will cost £X.’

‘Treat your mum to this spa break and we will include a bottle of Champagne in your room.’ For a High Tea include a price to include a glass of Champagne or bottle.’

Matthew Clark offers a wide range of half bottles and magnums, big brands, entry level, and family grower champagnes. There really is no excuse.

Let those mums drink Champagne.

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Tiffany Mogg

My journey into wine started in 2007 when I knew relatively little on the subject, bar that I liked it. Since then I've gained my WSET Diploma, and Educators qualification and joined Matthew Clark in 2012.

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