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Half Hitch Gin

After a December of gorging out on the finest food and drink, the time has come, to stand in-front of the mirror and contemplate giving up all your 'bad' habits. Drinking, eating and spending; what brought us joy a month ago is now the enemy and sometimes it seems, so is the trade. 

But does it need to be like this? Of course you need to drink responsibly, eat carefully (like I can talk) and avoid being called into the bank managers office, but do consumers need to give up dining and drinking out? We don't think so. The On-Trade can cater for all, and does, all year round. From low calorie meals and low alcohol drinks to exciting dishes and tantalising drinks you can still enjoy in moderation. 

Nicholas Robinson has written a great piece for us in the latest issue of Vini magazine, it's well worth a read and puts the case for #TryJanuary forward better than I ever could here! If you're convinced of the need to persuade consumers to re-discover the joys of the trade in January and trying something completely different we've asked our product experts to put forward some products that we think are excellent places to start. Take a look:


Losada Godello, Bierzo - Under the watchful eye of winemaker Amancio Fernández Gómez, Losada make a white from the Godello grape which thrives in the relatively cool climate. It is one of northern Spain’s most fashionable grapes, delicious flavours of apple and pear fruit along with a rich and well-rounded palate, make this wine a must try!

Résonance Vineyard Pinot Noir, Yamhill-Carlton, Oregon - Located in the Yamhill-Carlton District within Oregon’s Willamette Valley, this 13 hectare property is planted with un-grafted Pinot Noir vines that are about 35 years old. This dynamic wine with aromas of spice and flora on the nose and bright and mellow palate with smooth tannins has already started to collect plaudits, with Wine Enthusiast awarding it 94 points (Jan 16).

Montefalco Rosso, Napolini - This is a great Try January wine because Umbria is so often over-looked as a wine region. The main grapes are Sagrantino and Sangiovese, and they are often pushed aside by the more well-known Toscana wines. If you want to try something a little bit different, then this is it!


Akashi-Tai Shiraume Umeshu - Shiraume Umeshu is a luxurious plum liqueur which can be enjoyed many ways, perfect as a dessert wine, on ice or blended with chilled sparkling or hot water. Sloe gin and amaretto fans will love this.

Half Hitch Gin - An exotic-tasting, quintessentially British gin. Key botanicals of bergamot, black tea, pepper, hay and English wood. An uplifting, aromatic nose with hints of light citrus, followed by a spicy underpinning of fresh cracked pepper and cool juniper. Finished with smooth, rich black tea.

Mexcal Burrito Fiestero Joven - Made from agave cenizo, grown in Durango, Burrito Fiestero is a 100% handcrafted spirit using the traditional methods. It has a smokey scent, but also sweet and floral with predominant herbal notes. Smooth and mellow it leaves you with a great aftertaste.

Tres Generacion Plata - A part of the Sauza family for 135 years, Tres Generacion is a super premium, 100% blue agave, triple-distilled tequila. Hints of citrus and sweet floral notes on the nose, initial Spiciness on a background of herbs and fresh agave in the mouth with a lingering white pepper finish. 

Fair Quinoa Vodka - Specially selected quinoa, grown in the Andes is used to create this unique vodka. Naturally gluten free, Quinoa has long been considered a super food. Flavors suggest cream, cake and minerals with a very soft, light-to-medium body and exquisitely smooth custard, dried fruit, and limestone accented finish.

Nikka Straight From The Barrel - Blended from malt and grain whisky and then re-casked in a method known as marriage, what is created is a perfect coherence between two very different liquids. On the nose resides fresh fruit with just a twist of spice. The palate fires a real punch with plenty of spice and toffee. A long, soothing finish that is warm with an oaken spice.

Beer and cider

Wild Beer Fresh - Made with the most exciting hops from around the world, Wild Beer have thrown away the rule book to create this one. Guaranteed a punchy hop character alongside an appetising bitterness and a crisp dry finish.

Brewgooder - Drink Beer and give water! Brewgooder is the craft beer that gives back, 100% it's profits go to clean water projects around the world. If that isn't reason enough, as with all beers brewed at BrewDog’s Ellon brewery, it's packed with flavour provided by a unique blend of Sorachi Ace and Saaz Hops.

Caple Road No.5 - We thought we would finish off the list with something for all of those going 'dry'! Mid-straw, amber sparkling cider. Double -filtered. Crisp, dry and complex with a powerful tart finish. Made with bittersweet & bittersharp apples.

There you have it! Let us know in the comments below what you think we should all be trying this January.

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I'm Matthew Clark's resident content creator, looking after our social media, website and customer communications. I was a cocktail bartender for while before joining but I now spend most of my time on the other side of the bar.

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