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Introducing Discarded Grape Skin Vodka

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Sponsored post in partnership with Discarded Spirits Co.

Food and drink waste is harmful and avoidable. Biological waste emits harmful methane when it breaks down at landfill which makes a significant contribution to the global greenhouse effect and climate change. At present 50 million tonnes of ‘wonky’ fruit is wasted each year based on aesthetic appearance alone. This is along with 6 million tonnes of coffee grounds that are sent to landfill and the 12 million tonnes of wine waste that is produced every year.

The Age of Disposability is Over

As a society, we are recognising that our consumption attitudes need to change so that we can radically shift the future outlook of our environment. At Discarded Spirits Co. we have a simple purpose: to reverse needless waste in our industry. 70% of all food and drink waste is ultimately avoidable, but we are beginning to change ways of thinking to understand how what is wasted today can be treasured tomorrow. This shift is becoming evident in consumer behaviours with 57% of people surveyed citing sustainability as an important factor in choosing alcoholic drinks.

At Discarded we believe that by reusing traditionally wasted ingredients, we can unlock a purposeful new dawn for the spirits industry. We can discover undiscovered flavours, revive redundant ingredients, and innovate techniques to reuse creatively. We are working to pioneer a progressive wave of spirits with products that are packed full of flavour and champion the cause of reducing the impact of the drinks industry on the world’s natural resources.

The Discarded Spirits Co. Grape Skin Vodka

In the wine industry, discarded grape skins are known as pomace and are thrown away after they have been pressed. Shockingly, over 1 million tonnes of pomace are currently thrown away per year.

We believe in always ensuring Discarded Spirits incorporate ingredients that would otherwise go to waste. Our new Grape Skin Vodka (coming soon to Matthew Clark) combines wasted pomace skins, married with leftover wine essence, adding subtle wine-like flavour characteristics to the vodka, introducing notes of lime, green apple, and citrus. This creates a vodka with a distinct flavour profile which works in the premium vodka category to create Discarded cocktails - from closed loop Bloody Mary’s where every part of the cocktail is given new life, to a simple Vodka topped with fresh Apple Juice which reuses everything including the apple core.

As an industry we must rise to the challenge of both environmental degradation and changing consumer attitudes. At Discarded we are comitted to exploring new territories of flavour while celebrating unique ingredients that what otherwise contribute to the ever growing problem of food and drink waste. 

Check out some of our fantastic cocktail recipes designed with sustainability in mind.

Zero Waste Cocktails by Discarded Spirit Co.

Banana Mai Tai

A sustainable take on one of the classics of Tiki culture, showcasing complexity of the Banana Peel Rum, as well as a citrus cordial made from discarded citrus husks.

50ml Discarded Banana Peel Rum
25ml Lime juice, or citrus cordial
15ml Sweet Cascara Vermouth
10ml Orgeat syrup
2 dashes Orange bitter

Sustainable Spritz

A perfect summer serve, with the added bonus of turning that bottle of flat bubbles in the fridge into a stunning example of reducing waste. This is an great template for venues to add their own twist to and produce a unique Sustainable Spritz.

50ml Discarded Grape Skin Vodka*
75ml (past peak) Sparkling white wine
25ml Citrus cordial

Conscious Cosmo

This really showcases the Discarded Grape Skin Vodka’s ability to takeover classic cocktails with a sustainability focused twist, unlocking new flavours within familiar experiences.

30ml Discarded Chardonnay Vodka*
40ml Cranberry juice
25ml Lime (used citrus cordial)
25ml Triple Sec

* Coming soon to Matthew Clark Live


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