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For the love of Port

Sandeman Port

It was a very hot muggy day in London when I went to catch up with George Sandeman of the illustrious Sandeman dynasty- of course the catch up was over a glass of wine.

I was with George to interview him for our next issue of Vini (watch this space!) and learn more about his Port portfolio. The main thing I took away from the interview is how best to enjoy Port. Traditionally, Port is served straight from the bottle into a glass but George maintains the best way to enjoy Port is chilled or in a chilled glass with ice. 

Port has often been perceived as an “old man” drink but George is so passionate about changing people’s perceptions of Port that Sandeman has opened cocktails bars in Portugal. Not only is the aim of the cocktail bar to change young people perceptions but also to educate how we should be drinking Port, chilled.

Why not try this fantastic simply Port cocktail which George recommend, Sandeman on the Rocks. Put ice in a tumbler, add 60ml Sandeman Porto Founders Reserve over ice and stir well. Then garnish with a slice of orange and a sprig of mint.

Port top tip: All red Ports go well with slices of orange and white Ports go well with slices of lemon.


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