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Mid-point vintage update - JoJo’s Jetty

Pruning Vines.JPG

Experienced Vineyard Manager, Russell McQuilty has just completed the winter pruning program on the Colo River estate of JoJo’s Jetty.

Nestled in the Colo River valley, north-west of Sydney, pruning of the Semillon, Merlot and Shiraz vines takes place from late July well into August each year.

Acting with advice from winemaker PJ Charteris, Hunter Valley winemaker of the year in 2011, Russell has continued the practice of old growth cordon replacement via new growth caning. “This has enabled a very efficient shaping of the canopy for our spray programs and for a more enjoyable hand picking harvest experience for our family and volunteer pickers”, says Russell. Each harvest, usually mid-February to mid-March, Russell enlists the proprietors and friends in the Colo Valley. “It is important that these harvest crews always enjoy the pick and come back for more; a thoughtfully pruned vineyard is not only essential for quality and yield, it is essential in ensuring a fun time for the pickers each year”.

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