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Our customers have developed a thirst for UK premium gin!

Our customers have developed a thirst for UK premium gin!.JPG

We recently reported that we've seen a double digit growth in gin with volume sales up 30%*, outperforming the market which has seen sales increase by 13%** in the same period. Our market share of the On-Trade gin market is 28%, up 4% from last year***.

What's causing this gin revival?!

We put the recent gin revival in the On-Trade down to the rise in popularity of premium gin made in the UK with volume sales of super premium gins from England up 81% year on year**** . Tom Jolly, Bar Manager at St Pancras’ The Booking Office who are one of our customers and whose bar is stocked exclusively by us has said that: 

“Gin is arguably the most exciting and versatile spirit category around. We’ve seen a great increase in demand for more premium gins over the past year with customers showing a greater interest in their origin and the botanicals used to make them; customers are turning more and more to the lesser known UK distilled premium gins”

By Tom Jolly

To satisfy this increasing demand for premium gins, we've enhanced our offer by carefully sourcing eight new gins in the last six months: Monkey 47, Aviation, Bols Genever, Star of Bombay, Death's Door, Jinzu, Sipsmiths VJOP and Williams GB - increasing our comprehensive selection to over 40 gins.

The latest additions to our portfolio include premium UK distilled gins including the hand crafted Jinzu Gin created by Bristol based bartender Dee Davies. This British gin with an eastern twist is made from Japanese botanicals; yuzu citrus, cherry blossom and Junmai sake which are all then distilled in Cameron Bridge in Scotland. Another new arrival to the our gin portfolio is the Williams GB Extra Dry Gin made by the Herefordshire based farmer William Chase of Tyrrell Court who turned his hand from farming potatoes to wine making and now distilling gin. The farm is in the process of biodynamic conversion, and is developing a sustainable single estate gin. 

Stuart Westwood, our Product Marketing Manager comments  

“It’s great to see so much variety when it comes to gin now with so many small independent distillers popping up across the country. Consumers are much more gin savvy and are showing a greater care as to which G goes in with their T. We are really proud of our fantastic gin range and delighted to have such interesting producers on board.”

By Stuart Westwood

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*Matthew Clark 12 weeks to 05/15 vs 05/14
**CGA 12 weeks to 16/05 vs 16/14
***Matthew Clark 12 weeks to 05/15 vs 05/14
****Matthew Clark MAT 05/15 - 07/15

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