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Top 5 Spiced Cocktails for Autumn

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Autumn is the season of spice - cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin spiced lattes (yes, that drink loved by people of all ages). 

Spiced drinks that get the senses tingling on a chilly day are always popular at this time of year, so it makes sense for venues to get on board with this trend and increase their profit margins with some delightfully spiced cocktails.

We’ve chosen 5 of our favourite seasonal cocktails that are perfect for your Autumn menu and will get customers into your venue for a cosy drink on a chilly evening.

1. Dead Man’s Fingers Morbid Maple

We recently wrote about how flavoured rums are great for Halloween serves. And Dead Man’s Fingers is just the brand for that. We’re fans of the ‘Morbid Maple’, a twist on an Old Fashioned that delivers sweet and spicy tasting notes and a touch of saltiness that will delight the taste buds. For added spookiness, we recommend using the Spiced Rum Limited Edition Halloween bottle!
Recipe: 50ml Dead Man's Fingers Spiced Rum, 7.5ml Maple Syrup, Pinch of Sea Salt. Build in tumbler glass with ice, garnish with orange peel. 

2. Bacardi Tormenta Negra

Sticking with rum, Bacardi’s Tormenta Negra delivers an intriguing balance of spice and sour. This twist on the classic rum and ginger beer cocktail is made even more intense with Bacardi’s Carta Negra Dark Rum that has rich, dark flavours developed from its aging in heavily charred oak barrels.
Recipe: 50ml Bacardi Carta Negra, 3 Lime Wedges, 3 dashes of bitters, 100ml Ginger Beer. Build in highball glass with ice. 

3. Didsbury Blood Orange Negroni

This one is for the gin lovers! A twist on the classic cocktail, the citrus forward flavours are taken up a notch with Didsbury’s Blood Orange & Ginger gin. After the initial citrus kick subsides, fresh ginger provides a touch of warmth – it’s a well-balanced refreshing winter warmer!
Recipe: 25ml Didsbury Gin Blood Orange & Ginger, 25ml Campari, 25ml sweet vermouth. Build in mixing glass with ice, stir to chill, strain into Old Fashioned glass with ice, garnish with orange peel twist. 

4. Chivas Regal Spiced Apricot Highball

Apricot and chai tea is used here to create a syrup that marries beautifully with the butterscotch notes of Chivas. While the original recipe calls for Chivas XV, we've opted for Chivas 12-year-old for this one, and the result is a cocktail that is spicy and refreshing. It’s the perfect treat after an Autumnal walk!
Recipe: 40ml Chivas 12-year-old, 100ml apricot and chai tea, 40ml soda water, garnish with Orange wedge. Build in highball glass with ice. 

5. Remy Ginger

This cocktail perfectly showcases the versatility of Remy Martin’s iconic VSOP. It lends itself wonderfully to a range of serves, such as the Remy Ginger, a deliciously fresh and spicy long drink to be savoured!
Recipe: 50ml Remy Martin VSOP, top with ginger ale, dash of bitters. Build in highball glass with ice and garnish with lemon slice. 

That concludes our whistle-stop tour of the best 5 spiced cocktails for Autumn! We hope it has provided some inspiration for delicious seasonal serves to spice up your cocktail list.

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Dead Man's Fingers Spiced Rum

Dead Man's Fingers Spiced Rum

Bacardi Carta Negra

Bacardi Carta Negra

Didsbury Blood Orange & Ginger Gin

Didsbury Blood Orange & Ginger

Chivas 12-Year-Old

Chivas 12-Year-Old

Remy Martin VSOP

Remy Martin VSOP

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