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Skinny drinks

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Christmas has been and gone, you felt more stuffed than the turkey and your clothes feel way too tight. Time to start the diet!

The one thing people struggle with when they start dieting is the lack of alcohol or not being able to go out and socialise as socialising would mean drinking alcohol.

According to Britvic, consumers actively seek out healthier alternatives, including lower sugar and lower calorie drinks. 71% of consumers would be more likely to choose something different from the usual if they were more aware of the range of soft drinks. Consumer needs to be made aware of the great skinny and non-alcoholic serves which are available to avoid them going for their comfortable bar calls.

Here are some of our top “skinny” drink picks

Fantinel ‘One & Only’ Prosecco - This prosecco only has 8g/l of residual sugar vs the normal 12g/l.  

Laurent Perrier Cuvée Ultra Brut – This has 0 dosage as no sugar is added to the liquid. This is only made in years when the harvest is very ripe and when the grapes have good natural sugar levels.

Torres Syrah Natureo – Comprising of very low alcohol levels – which is only 0.5% alcohol and they claim that it is ‘less than half the calories’ compared to a normal bottle of red

Gin- The calories in a standard measure of gin (25ml) is 59 calories. Combine that with tonic and you top out at 120 calories. Use a diet tonic with no calories and you keep that drink at 59 calories.

Estrella Galicia Alcohol Free- Light golden in colour this refreshing alternative gives off subtle floral aromas from the hops with hints of citrus and a bitter finish not often associated with alcohol free beers.

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