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Refresh your list with 5 of the best light wines for summer

Summer Wine Light Bodied

Does your wine list need a little freshening up now that we’re deep into the summer months? We’ve put together a list of some of our favourite light-bodied wines to delight the palate and excite the senses.

Flagstone Free Run Sauvignon Blanc

There is sometimes a perception that a wine designed to be refreshing and crisp will lack complexity. Well, Flagstone is here to shake up that idea with their deliciously multifaceted Free Run Sauvignon Blanc. “Free run” means that the juice used to make this wine comes from crushing the fruit but not from a hard pressing that is designed to squeeze every last drop from the skins. The resulting wine is clean and crisp on the palate yet packed full of flavours like green pepper, passionfruit, and fig leaf.

Hardy's Alcohol-Free Chardonnay

We can’t talk about refreshing wines for summer without including an alcohol-free version. 31% of customers interviewed said that they would be drinking less alcohol on this side of 2020. It’s well worth investing in adding a non-alcohol wine to your list and this wine is a beautiful expression. Made with the same fruit as the classic Hardy’s Chardonnay, the wine is de-alcoholised yet retains the lovely structure and the typical Chardonnay flavours of tropical and citrus fruits.

Berri Estates Chardonnay

Australian Chardonnay has had a reputation for being big, bold and buttery with lots of oak. But these days you’ll see a much greater diversity of wines coming from the land down under in every category. This wine is a crisp, lemony expression of chardonnay, fermented in stainless steel to retain all the freshness of the fruit and a ripe, juicy acidity. It will cut beautifully through a creamy pasta or chicken dish.

Tekena Sauvignon Blanc

If you’re looking for a deliciously crisp and elegant alternative to New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, you can’t go past this Chilean beauty. Zesty and zippy are two words that come to mind when talking about this wine, grown in Chile’s sunny Central Valley. With a delightful tropical and citrus fruit character, it makes the perfect partner to a light supper of grilled fish or fresh salad.

Vinuva Pinot Grigio delle Venezie

Nothing says refreshing summer wine like an Italian Pinot Grigio. From the Venezie area in the North-West of Italy, this wine is clean and fresh on the palate with the classic character of green apple and pear. The acidity on the palate is simply mouth-watering making it a perfect aperitif wine, preparing the palate and appetite for something delicious to come.

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Gab found a love for wine (and spirits and beer and coffee!) during her years on the hospitality scene around Australia. The desire to dip her toes into a bigger wine and hospitality industry drove her to London and today she writes, reads and talks non-stop about wine for Matthew Clark's website and social channels.

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