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Meet the Producer: Yealands

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A wild and rugged stretch of coastline on the north-eastern tip of New Zealand’s South Island is where you’ll find Yealands Estate, one of the world’s most sustainable wineries.

Proudly Kiwi-owned, Yealands Wines launched in 2008 with the ambition of becoming a world leader in sustainable wine production. Forward-thinking, Yealands became the first winery in the world to be ‘Toitū carbonzero’ certified since day one. With sustainability at the heart of everything they do, the Yealands team of passionate wine people have become leaders in sustainable wine, pushing boundaries and pursuing innovation at every turn.

We’re delighted that Yealands joined the Matthew Clark portfolio this year as a key partner in the UK trade. Read on to meet the producer and get to know more about this exceptional winery.

Seaview Vineyard: the home of Yealands Wines

Yealands Estate’s Seaview Vineyard is located in Marlborough’s prominent winemaking region of the Awatere Valley. The name says it all: Seaview Vineyard is one of New Zealand’s most coastal vineyards and is found on the north-eastern tip of the South Island.

Once a rugged, rolling stretch of land that was thought to be too wild and windswept for growing grapes, the Yealands team weren’t phased by the challenge, and today Seaview Vineyard is one of the most exciting vineyards in Marlborough. The folded landscape creates diverse microclimates that result in unique expressions across the varietals, creating dynamic and perfectly balanced wines.

Yealands wines are inspired by the coast that surrounds them - so close to the ocean that the vines are often misted with sea spray. The beauty of this environment influences how the team craft wine, staying respectful of nature and the land.  Their winemaking philosophy is to let the wines express their sense of place with minimal intervention and thoughtful winemaking that adapts to the natural balance of the fruit received each harvest.

Sustainability at Yealands

Sustainability is at the heart of the Yealands winemaking philosophy, from the careful management of their vines and land, to the way they sustainably operate their winery, and craft their wines.

With a big focus on biodiversity, they are creating healthier ecosystems that require less input, are more resilient to climate change and produce better, more flavourful wines.  The Yealands Biodiversity Plan is their long-term intergenerational commitment to enhance and protect the natural resources of the vineyard and land. Yealands are restoring wetlands and waterways to their natural state and boosting biodiversity at the site, with a goal to become carbon-positive by 2050.  One of the ways they are addressing the need for biodiversity in the vineyard is through extensive interrow planting. They have added cover crops, wildflowers, and endophytic grasses, which help improve soil structure, while attracting beneficial insects that help keep pests away from the vines.

When Yealands opened in 2008, it became the world’s first Toitū CarbonZero winery. Today, all Yealands vineyards are sustainably farmed, and they are a founding member of International Wineries for Climate Action. Yealands also play an important role in the community they operate in, investing into local initiatives that help build community assets, such as the annual Yealands Marlborough Sustainability Initiative.

Meet the range

Chief Winemaker, Natalie Christensen is a gifted winemaker with experience working in France, Spain, the US and New Zealand. With a Bachelor of Music, Master of Science and a Graduate Diploma in Oenology, her unique background and creative flair facilitates wines that are both technically excellent and artistically exciting. In 2023, Natalie won the International Wine Challenge’s White Winemaker of the Year trophy. Prior to this, Natalie was name as one of the most influential women in wine in the world by the Drinks Business Magazine, UK in 2018.










The beauty of the Yealands range is that there is a wine to suit all venues and customer types. They have an award-winning portfolio with their strength lying in aromatic white varietals – their Single Block and Single Vineyard ranges medal regularly in global wine competitions.

Single Vineyard

Yealands Estate Single Vineyard wines are an expression of their unique coastal location, showcasing the team’s strength in aromatic white wines and the diversity and intensity of flavours from the singularly incredible Seaview vineyard.     

Single Block

Yealands Estate Single Block celebrates Sauvignon Blanc and the dramatic diversity of flavours found in the sub-region of the Awatere Valley. The wines express the unique terroir from distinct blocks of their Seaview Vineyard.

The Single Block S1 Sauvignon Blanc 2021 and 2022 took home the trophy for International Wine Competition’s ‘Best Sauvignon Blanc’ of 2022 and 2023.

State of Flux

The beauty and excitement of being in perpetual motion is explored with State of Flux. Fermented and aged in concrete eggs, State of Flux wines are pure, textural and expressive. 

Petal and Stem

Journey into the secret world of Petal & Stem, where the wildflowers are. A youthful, vibrant brand with a strong sustainability story.

With something to suit all tastes, discover the Yealands range online at Matthew Clark Live or speak to your Account Manager for further information.



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