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Buffalo through the grapevines

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The story of San Salvatore begins in the mid-40s on the slopes of Vesuvius. Winemaking was not new in the area. The Greeks planted their vineyards in the area among the ancient Italian cities of Stio, Paestum and Giungano, around 3000 years ago. The area has plenty of history behind it and it shows itself as you walk around. The winery itself has a breath-taking view of the vineyards on the sides of Mount Calpazio.




As well as rich history the area has optimal soil and climatic conditions, perfect for organic and biodynamic agriculture. The winery is equipped with systems to minimize the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. It’s adorned by 7,500 solar panels which help the winery manage its carbon footprint further. So while history plays its part, they make use of the modern world in making wines to their philosophy of producing wines respecting nature and tradition; taking care of the land.





You won’t be surprised to see a buffalo roaming here. It was following an encounter with a Buffalo that the San Salvatore story started. The founders, after meeting eye to eye with a Buffalo began to divide the 97 hectares of land. 21.5 ha of vineyards were planted and the rest of the land was divided between orchards, olive groves and woods. 450 buffaloes provide milk to make mozzarella and contribute to the 100% organic fertilisers used in the vineyard. They also export buffalo all over the world, in more ways than one, buffalo also star on some of the wine labels.



I’ve seen a buffalo through the grapevines and I’ve drank wine I’ve seen a buffalo and it has seen me

By San Salvatore



We have an amazing selection of the San Salvatore range available including San Salvatore Joi Spumante Brut Rosé. This Sparkling Rosé is made from the local Aglianico grape which is grown locally in the Historic Paestum region. The wine is made from organically grown grapes with the Traditional Method, the same as Champagne. The result is a delicate sparkling wine with a pale pink colour and a fine mousse, beautiful red fruits and a touch of spice on the palate. This is a very exclusive wine as only a few hundred cases are made each year!






We have 4 whites in our range starting with San Salvatore Palinuro Bianco. This is a blend of Fiano and Falanghina grapes, unoaked with aromas of ripe stone fruit, herbs and sweet lemon and a refreshing finish with notes of tropical fruit. The Tenuta del Porconero Falanghina is made from 100% Falanghina grapes. It has floral notes as well as some dried herbs and refreshing citrus and stone fruit on the palate.



San Salvatore Pian di Stio Fiano is made from Fiano grapes from a local vineyard in Paestum, 550 metres above sea level. It delivers powerful floral notes as well as ripe citrus and a mineral palate. Tenuta del Porconero Fiano is also made from Fiano grapes in Paestum. This wine has a floral nose with green apple and pear. Jasmin and citrus on the palate.



Besides the Sparkling Rosé, we also have the San Salvatore Vetere Rosato. This wine is made from Aglianico grapes as well, organically farmed in vineyards close to the sea. It shows raspberry and cherry on the nose with a soft palate and a refreshing finish, a perfect rosé to enjoy in the sunshine with some light Italian antipasti!





The first of the two reds we have in our portfolio is Tenuta del Porconero Aglianico. This wine is a spicy red made from hand-harvested grapes. It shows fresh dark fruit and sweet spicy notes. Being quite full bodied this wine pairs perfectly with a creamy or tomato-based dish from Mediterranean cuisine.

The San Salvatore Jungano Aglianico is a deep, intense, purple-red wine. The name Jungano comes from the dialect name for the town of Giungano where the winery is located. Showing notes of fresh ripe mulberry and a spicy, cinnamon oak flavour coming through on the finish. Enjoy this wine with light game for a perfect pairing!


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After working in the Hospitality industry in various roles in the Netherlands and China I now work in the London Wine Development team. I am very passionate about wine and am undertaking the challenge of the Master of Wine programme in South Africa.

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