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Best of Low and No Alcohol for Sober October

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With many taking part in Sober October, we've been looking at some of our favourite Low & No Products in preparation. 

Sober October is a month-long event that challenges people to give up alcohol in aid of charity. In 2017, Macmillan Cancer Support kicked off the campaign 'Go Sober for October' and raised £5million. Anyone can sign up and the cause has grown in popularity over the years. Many now take part, and as a result, we've been revisiting some of our favourite Low & No products in preparation.

We've all come to know the number of consumers who are decreasing their alcohol consumption is on the rise. So it's no surprise that today’s low and no alcohol serves are not the sickly sweet, sugary juices they used to be. Instead, the same craft and attention is paid to these drinks as to their alcoholic counterparts, meaning more and more serves can fill the gap left when alcohol is removed from the equation. Bacardi predicts the ‘LONO’ category will grow 400% in the next 4 years!

In this article, we’ve pulled together some great options for the low and no alcohol part of your menu, for your customers to enjoy through Sober October and beyond!

Wild Life Botanicals 0.05%

Still fairly new to the market, Wild Life Botanicals was a hit with visitors at Imbibe Live recently and is set to raise the bar in LONO choices. This ultra-low alcohol sparkling wine (0.05% ABV) is packed full of good stuff and is at the top of our lists for a refreshing alternative to traditional prosecco. One glass of Wild Life Botanicals delivers a minimum of 15% of your daily recommended intake of blended vitamins and minerals, is powered by plants, and is less than 35 calories per glass! So if you’re cutting back on the alcohol, why not give your body some additional benefits at the same time?

Serving suggestion: Chilled in a champagne flute, with a strawberry or raspberry to garnish.

Lyre’s Italian Amalfi Spritz 0.0%

Going sober in October is already a challenge, but even more so with colder days and darker nights. Lyre’s range of non-alcoholic spirits has been crafted to taste just like the alcoholic classics they pay homage to. We think their Italian Spritz is perfect for bringing a taste of the Mediterranean to those autumnal days and can be enjoyed endlessly without worrying about the hangover!

Serving suggestion: Fill a glass with ice and add 50ml Lyre’s Italian Spritz, 60ml Alcohol-Free Prosecco, top with Soda and garnish with an orange slice. Imagine you’re sipping it on the Amalfi Coast!

Ceder’s 0.0%

Gin remains the top spirit choice for UK drinkers and with consumers making more conscious decisions around their health, we think it’s vital for venues to offer a quality no-alcohol gin alternative. Ceder’s delivers just this! Classic gin botanicals alongside exotic additions from the Cederberg region in South Africa deliver bags of both flavour and freshness. With International Gin & Tonic Day coming up on the 19th of October, we think that Ceder’s is the perfect no-alcohol gin alternative that customers can enjoy without breaking sobriety.

Serving suggestion: Fill a glass with ice and add 50ml Ceder’s, 100ml Tonic, garnish with a slice of lemon and a sprig of rosemary.

Lucky Saint 0.5%

We’ve done low alcohol wine, we’ve done no alcohol spirits, what about a beer? While many brands are offering zero per cent alcohol alternatives, there’s not many that give customers the same experience as a fresh pint. Enter Lucky Saint, a 0.5% Pilsner-style lager that is left unfiltered for maximum flavour and can be enjoyed on draught or in a can. We’re sure that seeing this on tap will light up the faces of those doing Sober October!

Serving Suggestion: Pour me a pint!

Tsingtao 0.0%

We’re always on the hunt for new and unique offerings. Tsingtao is the only Chinese 0% ABV lager in the UK. Brewed in Qingdao from 100% natural ingredients and water from the Laoshan Mountains, we think this is an excellent choice for consumers who are looking to experiment with new alcohol-free alternatives. Plus, it’s only 62.72 calories per bottle!

Serving suggestion: Serve chilled in the bottle or poured in a tall glass.

Magners 0.0%

We recently wrote about our top cider picks for Autumn, shining the spotlight on this tasty and versatile drink. The space for alcohol-free cider seems to be taken up by mostly fruit and flavoured ciders, but Magners 0.0% delivers the crisp, refreshing flavour of Magners Original – without the alcohol! This is a great alcohol-free alternative to offer cider lovers.

Serving suggestion: Serve chilled in a glass with ice or from the bottle.

Schweppes Russian Pink Soda

We will end with a soft drink. For those who don’t like the taste of alcohol or don’t fancy an alcohol-free alternative, there is so much choice out there for a soft drink that still has a sophisticated feel. Schweppes are always a reliable choice and we’re loving their Russian Pink Soda with an aromatic blend of lime, lemon and orange flavours.

Serving suggestion: Pour over ice and garnish with a slice of lemon/lime/orange.

These are just a few suggestions, but the Low & No alcohol options out there is amazing these days. Although we’ve tailored this article to Sober October, more and more consumers are practising mindful drinking and making conscious health choices – not just because they don’t want the hangover! Venues providing great alcohol-free alternatives can tap into the market of the sober customers - who can still be big spenders on a night out.

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