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Get Stuffed Perfect Food And Drink Pairings (2)

Reunions and quality time with loved ones are high on the agenda for UK customers celebrating Christmas this year.

From cosy nights out to family get togethers, we're all keen to create memorable moments with those closest to us.  

Research from PROOF Insight has shown that consumers are keen to recreate pre-pandemic Christmases and are looking for the simple joy and comforts of traditions. Venues that lean into this sense of nostalgia can make the most of the winter season by bringing customers in and providing them with the space to reconnect and bond.  

Experiences have been and will continue to be a priority for customers in 2022 - 38% of 18-44-year-olds started putting money away around July 2022 in preparation for the festive season.  

 We've put together a selection of drinks that are the perfect accompaniment when bringing everyone all together over the festive season.

Fancy a beer? 

A simple question that can launch a great get together. Special occasions call for special beers and this range of international lager is as good as it gets.   

  • Premium world lager has seen strong growth over 2022. Offer customers a range of brands so that all choices are catered for. 

Menabrea Blonde  

Bring a taste of Italy to the colder months with this well-balanced beer that delivers a full and refined taste and a notable floral and fruity aroma. Perfect served on-tap or in a bottle! 

A Menabrea bottle accompanied by two filled Menabrea glasses sits on a Christmas table with two people talking and drinking the beer

Stella Artois  

A beautifully balanced, full-flavoured premium lager with a pronounced hoppy bitterness and a crisp, clean and refreshing finish.  

Stella Unfiltered 

The absence of filtration allows the fresh flavours of malt and hops to burst through for a naturally delicious taste in Stella Unfiltered. 

Asahi Super Dry  

Brewed to the authentic Japanese recipe to deliver its dry, crisp taste and clean finish, Asahi Super Dry complements all occasions. 

Peroni Nastro Azzurro

Peroni Nastro Azzurro is a crisp and refreshing beer crafted with passion and flair to offer a delicate balance of bitterness and subtle citrus aromatic notes. 

Peroni Nastro Azzurro 0.0% 

Peroni Nastro Azzurro 0.0% is brewed using the creativity and flair of Italians. Blending the finest hops with two-row spring planted barley and a quarter of Italian maize results in a beer with a uniquely crisp and refreshing taste. Include Low & No logo   

Let’s share a bottle?

Catching up over a bottle of wine is one of the best-loved ways to reconnect.  

  • Enhance customers’ experience by creating comforting settings in your venue, whether it’s getting snug by the fire or cosy in an outdoor space.  

Drifting Old Vine Zinfandel  

Perfect for festive reunions, this medium-bodied zinfandel has subtle pepper spice that mingles with richly concentrated fruit flavours of blackberry, ripe plums and fresh red raspberries. 

Errazuriz 1870 Sauvignon Blanc  

With a palate full of herbs, cut grass and tropical fruit, this Sauvignon Blanc is perfect for customers seeking refreshment and a lighter sip.   

Errazuriz 1870 Sauvignon Blanc takes pride of place on a christmas table with a filled ice bucket behind it and someone drinking a glass of wine all together now with their friend

Fete des Flaveurs Touraine Rose  

According to PROOF Insight, the fashion for rosé is expected to continue well into the winter months.  A blend of Gamay and Cabernet Franc grapes create this Touraine Rosé. These red grape varieties thrive in the region’s relatively cool climate to create a beautifully pale rosé.   

One more drink?

Offer customers a night-cap to round off the evening and finish those long conversations before heading home. 

X by Glenmorangie  

This is the first Glenmorangie made for mixing – how about serving their Orange X Spice cocktail as a zesty way to end the night?  

Glenmorangie X Spice
Fill highball glass with cubed ice. Add 50ml X by Glenmorangie and 120ml Fever-Tree Spiced Orange Ginger Ale. Stir and garnish with an orange wheel.  

X by Glenmorange sits on a festive table with two glasses next to it filled with glenmorangie x spice cocktail

Johnnie Walker Black Label  

This iconic whisky delivers a smooth and warming smoke finish, perfect for customers looking for a slow sip to wind the evening to a close. Whether your customers prefer it served over ice, with water or as a long drink with a splash of ginger ale, Johnnie Walker Black Label is always best enjoyed with company.  


A classic Christmas staple, Baileys Original Irish Cream is the sweetest meeting of fine Irish whiskey and spirits, Irish dairy cream, rich chocolate and vanilla flavours. Delicious served over ice or in a warming Baileys Coffee. 


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